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    Seeing all these posts of people joking about suicide is not funny. I don’t see in any way how they’re funny? I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but we’re here to help anybody, no matter what’s happening. If they’re considering suicide or self harm, or just simply need somebody to talk to. That’s what we do, we’re here for them. I hate it, I hate what being an anon has become, I hate it with a passion, It makes me want to delete, not even bother, it’s lost it’s true meaning. The very first anon helped people, saved them, talked if they needed help, and now what? All you guys do is flirt and pick on people who need help, even if they’re doing it for attention, we help them. Because that’s what anons do. Sometimes all a little attention is all somebody needs. 

    It pisses me the fuck off because I hardly see anybody trying to help, all I see is the “anonhelp” tag is full of people picking on other’s and “hit me up for a sexy talk ;)”  

    Nobody gives a fuck, we’re here to help people, save people. Pull your head out of your ass and remember that. We’re not here to judge, we’re here to save lives. 

    I apoligise for tagging this with “anonhelp” but everyone needs to see this.

    23 January, 2013

    What I don’t understand is that, I’m always there for everyone, I do anything to help them, but when It comes to me needing help, I’m the one looking for attention? It was a moment of weakness, can you blame me? Someone bringing up all the bad things in my life and throwing it in my face? All at once? And what because I’m a boy everyone’s more concerned about me? That’s bullshit, if someone’s considering suicide, no matter the gender people are going to worry and try and help. Being an anon is nothing like it used to be. It’s all bullshit now, it’s all about relationships and flirting, seeing who can be the cutest couple.

    I’m here to help people, not to look for attention, I’m only human, I can feel down every now and then, I can get to the breaking point, helping other’s is the whole point of being an anon, I seriously think all of you have forgotten that.

    21 January, 2013

    I don’t think it’s the fact that a picture can reach a certain amount of reblogs, it’s the fact that somebody cares enough to post it and help them. Even if it doesn’t reach the required amount, it’s the fact that the person tried. I don’t see why you’re all thinking it’s bullshit, it’s what we’re here for. We’re here to help people and if that means helping that way then that’s that. Because we’re here to help no matter what.

    Or have you all forgotten that?

    20 January, 2013

    People always ask me why I care so much, why I take so much time to help others. Why I take this so seriously. Well, as some of you know I take this personally because I lost my mother to suicide, and I never ever want anybody to go through the pain I went through. Losing that special someone is heart breaking, It’s the absolute worse feeling you’ll ever know and feel. Knowing you couldn’t help that person as much as you tried is horrible, I tried and tried to help my mum but I guess she couldn’t handle it anymore.

    And from that day, I swore to myself I would do anything to help someone, be there for anybody if they needed me, no matter who I would risk everything to stop them from doing anything.

    I care about each and every one of you, if you’re my friend or it’s a mutual follow, I’ll always be here for you and I’ll stop at nothing to make sure you’re okay, I promise I’ll be here if you need somebody, don’t ever hesitate to come talk to me.

    I love you all so much never forget that.

    20 January, 2013

    I was hoping and praying that I&#8217;d never get one of these, I&#8217;m shaking. Please don&#8217;t do this. Guys, please help me out here, this is what we&#8217;re meant to do. Help each other. I&#8217;m begging you to reblog/like or anything that will get 100 notes, not for me but for the person who sent me this. I love and care about you please don&#8217;t do anything. I&#8217;ll get you your 100 notes. Please, think about this, I love you so much.

    I’ve always wanted to see my URL on one of those anon blogs but I never do.

    20 January, 2013

    The thing that makes me angry the most is when the “Anon help” tag is always full of crap when it’s meant for people who need help, who need saving or warnings to go save somebody. 

    20 January, 2013

    Because I’ve gained a lot of followers lately and I keep getting asked what I look like.

    That’s what I look like.

    20 January, 2013

    I finally got aim, add me and we can chat: yourontario

    20 January, 2013

    Someone talk to me?

    7 December, 2012